Respiratory Fit Testing

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Respiratory Fit Testing (2-4 hours)


Under the Ontario Health & Safety Act, Section 25 (1)(a) states that protective devices are provided in the workplace. Section 25(1)(d) says that employers must ensure that protective devices provided are used as prescribed. Section 25(2)(a) describes the duty to provide workers with instruction to protect the safety of the worker.


Synergy Safey Group will fit test your workers in the use of N95, half mask and full masks. We will also assist in providing the proper mask for your workplace, requirements under the OHSA, and the importance of proper respiratory protection.


The CSA Standard Z94.4-11 defines the respirator fit testing requirements.


Location: Your workplace

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2 hour session*


4 hour session


Prices are per session and before applicable HST.

*Approximately 10 participants can be trained in a 2 hour session